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saw this as a response photo and thought it needed it’s own post

Who talked to my *female* cousin about consent when she sexually abused me for 3 years? Who talked to a close *male* friend about safety when he was raped by his *female* counselor? 
Shut the fuck up about your gender victim complex.



saw this as a response photo and thought it needed it’s own post

Who talked to my *female* cousin about consent when she sexually abused me for 3 years? Who talked to a close *male* friend about safety when he was raped by his *female* counselor? 

Shut the fuck up about your gender victim complex.

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Anonymous said: Can you link to a credible source about why the patriarchy exists? (No tumblr posts, no jezebel, like a legit peer reviewed research article by sociologists)




are you blind? it’s your television, your favourite tv shows, your movies, your books, your fucking history text books. how hard is it? oh and also the fact that I’ve been trying to get this shit across that men are upset because they have to live up to these “manly” standards. Where are those standards coming form? Oh yeah! the patriarchy. men. men. men men men men men and men. we feminsts DO NOT like that. fuck. 

and here. first thing I found. fuck you learn that patriarchy exists in school. did you go to school? no? clearly not. 


>link to feminist website

So no, she can’t.

But I can:  

"Patriarchy is a multidimensional condition of power and status. Whyte’s 1978 comprehensive study examined 52 indicators of patriarchy, which corresponded to 10 relatively independent dimensions. The ten dimensions are:

  • lack of property control by women
  • lack of power of women in kinship contexts
  • low value placed on the lives of women
  • low value placed on the labor of women
  • lack of domestic authority of women
  • absence of ritualized female solidarity
  • absence of control over women’s marital and sexual lives
  • absence of ritualized fear of women
  • lack of male-female joint participation in warfare, work, and community decision making
  • lack of women’s indirect influence on decision making

There are undeniably societies in the world today that are patriarchies. A place like Saudi Arabia comes to mind as well as institutions like the Catholic Church in which women are not entirely excluded (i.e., nuns) but are kept from positions of real power (i.e., the priesthood and the papacy).

However, at least in the United States…

  • women can (easily) control property: they can rent apartments, buy a house or land, own a business, and inherit and/or will their property to others.
  • there are plenty of “housewives”/stay-at-home mothers, but women are typically expected to find a job and work for a living in the same way that men are, and there is no wage gap between male and female workers.
  • though it’s hard to say given that domestic violence stories focus almost solely on male-on-female violence, I might argue that women often have more domestic authority than men; for example, they have more control of their family’s disposable income and are far more likely to get custody of their children in case of a divorce.
  • "absence of ritualized female solidarity" - well, I think we know that’s not applicable to the US, if Tumblr is any indication.
  • aside from states that have made abortion difficult to obtain, women control their own bodies and sexuality, and aside from where it is an issue of LGBT+ equality, women have the power to marry (and divorce) whom they choose, when they choose.
  • Many industries (and certainly most offices that I’ve seen) are relatively evenly balanced between men and women. As for “community decision making,” women are more likely to vote than men, so while it would be nice to have more women running for office, women nevertheless have more of a say in who gets elected.

I realize I didn’t refute or address all ten points. Ultimately,however, women have the choice to wear the kinds of clothes they like; vote; pursue almost any career; drive a car; live where and with whom they want to; have children (or not); get married (or not); cut their hair; have sex with whom they choose, etc. While many people may criticize them for making what they deem “incorrect” or “inappropriate” choices, no patriarch or patriarchal authority is going to punish women for making them. 

There is no patriarchy.

Shut doooooown

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Ah yes, Team Fortress 2.

A video game with such lovable characters as






gas mask child


bob the builder


french man


the dentist from little shop of horrors


steve irwin



and last but not least



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this is the saddest fucking thing i have ever seen


this is the saddest fucking thing i have ever seen

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My favourite little pile of soot 😴💕 #baby #kitten #longhair #black #ridley #cute #sleepy #chubby

My favourite little pile of soot 😴💕 #baby #kitten #longhair #black #ridley #cute #sleepy #chubby

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vagina’s are able to stretch wide enough to give birth to a fucking baby and then return to it’s original size but of course being penetrated by that grass blade you call a penis is what’s going to make it “loose”

Uhh. The baby doesnt come out of where the penis goes in…

stay in school y’all

What is happening?

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"Boys don’t know what it feels like to hate themselves and their body"


"Boys are not pressured whatsoever to conform to beauty standards"


"Only girls develop EDs or resort to starving themselves just to look good"


"Boys do not get judged or shamed for their looks or body whatsoever"


"Only girls and no boys……."


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Pro ana isn’t healthy and neither is obesity. Let’s stop defending unhealthy behaviours and work on making our bodies healthy. Eat right and exercise and love your body by treating it right.

Easy to say. Isn’t it?

I love when people try to defend their unhealthy choices. I never said it was easy but in the long run you’ll thank me.

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The Daily Show 2014-07-17 - Operation Black Hair

"Jessica Williams investigates an Army regulation that ignorantly discriminates against black servicewomen and their hairstyles."

Watch the segment

People do realize that in the case of a gas attack, the gas can linger in hair/beards that are too long or braided. That’s why the army has shit like this you numb nuts.

Plus there is this piece of gear you kind of have to wear sometimes called a Kevlar. And having long ass hair or thick breads is going to add to the discomfort of wearing this already, bulky, cumbersome, irritating and ill fitting piece of gear. As well as have it basically resting on top of your head instead of you know, covering it. But at least your hair will look nice while their scooping your fucking brains off the humvee seats. 

You want to know why there are people still against women in combat? Shit like this. The fact that hairstyle restrictions even registers as a problem, let alone the fact that people don’t bother to contemplate the implications in combat scenarios are disheartening at best. Let’s look at the male side, 




Not approved - Fucking everything else.

Your in the army, not a pageant. Stop giving so much shit about you’re hair. You signed up for it so be prepared to comply with regulations